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Unfortunately, there are thousands of Cowboy Cleaners out there… As well as promoting genuine companies or ‘Good Guys’ to help you find the right cleaner we will also list details of verified Cowboys Cleaners – but we need your help to do this!

If you have reason to believe a company or cleaner is acting illegally, not registered, not following appropriate guidelines or not insured, please provide details below and we will investigate – in the event we deem the company a Cowboy we will list them on our website to better protect both the public and genuine companies, as well as their respective trades!  Please note, this service is not designed to mediate or report complaints between a cleaner and their customer, only to help find Cowboy Cleaners… Thank you for your help! 

Any information provided here is confidential and will not be passed on to any would-be Cowboys!

If you are a Cleaner and feel you have been incorrectly listed as a Cowboy Cleaner on this site, please contact us as soon as conveniently possible so we may investigate further – if you can prove that you are (now) acting responsibly and legally we will gladly remove your listing. Please note, there is no charge for this service – our primary goal is to keep Cowboy Cleaners off the street!