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Find a Good Guy in Kent


Congratulations, you have taken the first step to help keep Cowboy Cleaners off the street by looking for accredited Good Guys!

The following Cleaning Companies operating in this area have successfully registered with Cowboy Cleaner Watch and become accredited members, ensuring they are not Cowboys – simply scroll down to find your chosen cleaning service, and below you’ll find our registered Good Guys. If we have had any verified reports of Cowboy Cleaners they will be listed in red!

If you can’t see your preferred Cleaner below don’t worry, that doesn’t mean they are a Cowboy – just ask them to register with Cowboy Cleaner Watch by pointing them to this website or by clicking on the Recommend a Good Guy link, and we’ll do the rest!

Please note: the companies listed above have been displayed in order of registration date and not any preferential or paid order. Although these companies have demonstrated to Cowboy Cleaner Watch that they adhere to basic standards and/or respective trade guidelines this does not guarantee the quality of their work – Cowboy Cleaner Watch is NOT a review website, and we do not validate or guarantee any cleaning (or other) work carried out by listed companies – where possible we would always recommend consumers carry out additional checks into both the quality of a companies previous work and terms of any contract before proceeding with any service.