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Gutter Cleaning


For decades millions of households (and businesses) across the world have been benefitting from Gutter Cleaning services – whether using the classic ‘ladder and bucket’ method or the more recent SkyVac system, you don’t have to look too far to spot a gutter cleaner, the question is, are they operating legally or are they a Cowboy!? You’ll find more information about Gutter Cleaning as a service at the bottom of this page but for now we’ll talk about Cowboys.

Did you know? Having your gutters cleaned regularly increases the lifespan of your gutters, helps prevent drain and downpipe blockages and reduces animals nesting – all of which saves avoidable expense to rectify and repair.


As with all businesses there are some basic guidelines and laws in place to ensure the safety of the public, the environment and employees, but cowboys are prepared to flaunt and break these laws daily putting everybody at risk! To become an accredited member of Cowboy Cleaner Watch we simply ask businesses to prove they are following these basic steps, and ask that you ask the same!  

1. Are you a registered Business/Sole Trader? Non-registered businesses typically operator on a ‘cash-in-hand’ basis, meaning they are not regulated and often do not adhere to guidelines or legal practices, putting themselves and the public at risk on a daily basis!

2. Do you have the appropriate Insurances (incl. Public Liability)? Any ‘business’ that does not have the appropriate insurance leaves you without any reassurance and is putting both the public and themselves at risk – an absolute minimum for ANY business!

3. Are the correct safety measures being used? When working at height it important to ensure the correct equipment and appropriate safety measures are being used – can your Gutter Cleaner ensure appropriate (and good working) equipment is being used? 

Is your Gutter Cleaner a Cowboy or a Good Guy? Ask them to register as an Accredited Cowboy Cleaner Watch Member and help keep Cowboy Cleaners off the street – point them to this website or click on the Recommend a Good Guy link and we’ll do the rest!

About Gutter Cleaning

When? This depends on a lot of factors, but to simplify the answer “as soon as debris begins to block the gutter”, which is obviously difficult to tell from the ground.

If you live under a tree or have a roof prone to moss then you will likely need to have your gutters cleaned more regularly (at least annually) whereas if your gutters are not exposed to excess falling debris, you can likely delay the service – but at the hint of a blockage contact an accredited Gutter Cleaner asap before any damage is done!

How? Some cleaners still use the traditional method of a ladder and a bucket, hand scooping any debris from the gutter into the bucket! 

Many Gutter Cleaners have moved to the more popular SkyVac system, using a telescopic hose with angled neck, and a commercial vacuum , allowing them to work safely from the ground.

What should it cost? The price will vary depending on area, the amount of debris needing removing, the amount of gutters needing cleaning and the difficulty of access etc, but you should expect a basic Gutter Cleaning service to cost between £80 and £100, increasing subject to the variables detailed.

Larger, more established companies may charge a little more (as inclusive of VAT) but will often have better redundancies in place (a staffed office, spare vehicles, equipment and more cleaners).

It is worth considering the cost to run a legal company! To maintain vehicles and modern equipment, and obtain the respective licences / insurance is very expensive – if you find a service being offered at a price below the average or at a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is! Cowboys are easily able to undercut those that are operating legally, both putting the public at risk but also impacting all the genuine companies trying to provide a safe and legal service!